The time has come! Your grid operator has installed a new smart electricity meter in your home. Its name is Smarty. Brochures and the public talk about a smart device, but at first glance there is little evidence that this white box is extraordinary… Let’s take a look together at the improvements this device will bring once its intelligence is activated by your grid operator. A letter from your energy provider will inform you about the activation of the smart functions of your smart meter.

The advantages of the smart meter

No more annual meter readings and no more notifications informing you that you were not at home at the time of the reading.

Finally, a daily overview of your consumption on You can choose between billing based on down payments and final billing (with the advantage of spreading your total consumption and billing over 12 months) and monthly billing. Once the smart features of your smartphone have been activated, there is the option of monthly billing according to your actual consumption. Just log on to and opt for this new billing method.

All right, but what are all those buttons and lights for?

Your smart meter explained simply: step by step.

Smart Meter Smarty
  1. This is the screen of your smart meter. In addition to your consumption in kWh under the code 1.8.0, the screen displays other information and technical messages.
    1. Zone 1 shows the value of the code (e.g. 1.8.0) = current index of energy consumption in kWh
    2. Zone 2 = value (e.g. 976423.510)
    3. Zone 3 = unit of measurement (e.g. kWh)
    4. Zone 4 shows technical information
  2. This is the famous green button! Use it to navigate through the different information on the screen, or use it to reconnect your meter in case of a power failure or exceeding the maximum power.
  3. This indicator light shows that it is necessary to reconnect the device. Now press the famous green button.
  4. More indicator lamps. These light up or flash when you are using or producing energy. The left diode indicates that there are power flows.
  5. This is the maintenance reader. Your network operator needs this to service your meter.
  6. Your meter is sealed to ensure your safety. Only your network operator or an approved electrician may remove the seal.
  7. The QR code and the corresponding meter number are needed to identify your meter. This meter number is also on your contract and energy bills.
  8. The green cover hides the customer access. Here you can access your consumption data in real time if you have a smart home app, for example.

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