“Smart” – this word is on everyone’s lips. We shed light on a smart solution for you that offers meaningful added value for the user.

What does smart home mean?

With smart home you can control your entire home remotely or locally, set the temperature, check on a camera-monitored room, water the garden or switch on the washing machine. smart home stands for the networking of household appliances and building technology as well as the intelligent control of these. With smart home you can increase your comfort at home (e.g. with smart light and temperature control), increase the security of your home (e.g. by means of a smart alarm system connected directly to your smartphone), put your energy efficiency under the microscope (e.g. by providing detailed information on electricity consumption and controlling appliances remotely) and thus save money and ensure that children or elderly people are well (e.g. with a picture or video message on your smartphone).

Digital age

You leave the house and want to switch off all lamps and unused devices without much effort? You are on your way to the airport, in a hurry and want to make sure that all windows and doors are really locked? You are on your way home in winter and don’t want to sit in a cold living room? smart home allows you to solve all these questions.

How does smart home work?

smart home is based on two principles : in addition to control via the smartphone, the intelligent networking of the individual technological components in the home and the intelligent automatic execution of actions, such as closing windows when it rains, form the backbone of the offering. Sensors are used that measure room temperature and climate, for example, and regulate them according to the outside temperature. Modern power sockets analyse electricity consumption. Regulation via smartphone then takes place via an app.

How complex is smart home?

smart home offers all the advantages of a modular system. This means: depending on your needs, you can either make your house smart all at once or proceed step by step. You can install the system yourself without having to call in a technician or installer.

Safe and easy

Smart Technology? That’s something for freaks, isn’t it? Not at all. smart home is based on the principle of simplicity. With smart home, you can not only reduce energy consumption in a simple way, but also increase security and comfort within your four walls in just a few steps. Even though smart home is based on transparency in technical processes, your data remains secret. Appropriate security systems guarantee that data is only used for the purpose of the service.

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