Small gestures for a more sustainable lifestyle

Using less energy and plastic? Nothing could be easier. We show you how!

Saving energy is not rocket science

Always switch off the standby mode of your appliances. Electrical appliances that are connected 24/7 consume electricity. It doesn’t matter if the light on the TV is on or the street lamp is always buzzing: every year, about 10% of energy is lost.

Washing dishes efficiently

Use the economy mode when you have a dishwasher. This way your dishes will be clean, but you will also be washing in a way that is much gentler on the climate and your wallet.

Better fruit and vegetables

Buying seasonal and regional vegetables is good for you and for the environment. Of course, it is best to buy your fruit and vegetables in bulk. Otherwise, reusable cotton nets are of course better than plastic bags.

Water, the elixir of life

Buying water in plastic bottles is not good for the environment and of course means that you have to transport them. You are better off pouring tap water into a glass bottle.

You can fill your bottle for free in shops, restaurants, bars, on campsites and in youth hostels. There are already 91 filling stations in Luxembourg. Thanks to the Refill application, it is very easy to find a filling station. And not only in Luxembourg.

Banning microplastic from the bathroom

Microplastics can be found as beads in scrubs, shower gels and toothpastes or as fillers in make-up, lipsticks and creams. Look for cosmetic products without microplastics.

Green electricity for everyone

Since 2011, Enovos has been supplying its private customers with real green electricity at no extra cost. naturstroum is 100% green, certified by an independent institute and produced in Europe from hydro power.

Do you expect more from your electricity?

nova naturstroum is mostly regional green electricity. With nova naturstroum, you support renewable energies in Luxembourg, because more than 50% of the electricity is produced in regional solar, wind, hydro and biomass power stations. Naturally, nova naturstroum is also certified by an independent institute.

We also have organic natural gas for your home

When it comes to natural gas, Enovos also has a lot to offer its customers: its naturgas natural gas contains 1% organic natural gas, produced in Luxembourg and Europe and certified by an independent institute.

nova naturgas is produced in Luxembourg and Europe and is 100% organic. Think about the future of Luxembourg with us and choose our organic natural gas.

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