Renewable energy dethrones coal in Europe

Renewable energies have reached a milestone and in 2018 produced more electricity than coal-fired power stations, one of the most polluting resources for the environment. This is a first for the European Union, which aims to reduce its CO2 emissions, even though it is still a long way from its greenhouse gas reduction targets, which must be cut by 40% within 10 years.

As you know, the emissions from coal-fired power plants cause considerable health damage. The solution to this problem? Renewable energies! This is one more reason for you to switch to green energy!

While it is clear that improving energy efficiency, i.e. reducing consumption, is the fastest way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we also see that renewable energy production makes an equal contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. In Europe, emissions from coal-fired power stations have fallen by 250 million tonnes in six years, according to the think tank Sandbag*. It is now essential to develop renewable energies to combat greenhouse gases.

Several countries have taken action to reduce their CO2 emissions, notably Germany, which should close all its coal-fired power stations within 20 years. A good example to follow for Luxembourg, which also aims to reduce the CO2 emitted by cars by 30% to 35%, announced the Minister of Energy, Claude Turmes. It is also on the right track, with another objective, to reach zero emissions by 2050 and the transition to 100% renewable energy. According to the official website of the Luxembourg government, it also wants to be a leader in ecological transition, with the development of an intelligent and more energy-efficient building stock.

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*The Sandbag think tank is a climate change think tank based in Brussels and London. Sandbag informs and influences EU and UK climate change legislation by working with key policy makers and business representatives to change climate policy, based on in-depth research and analysis.

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