100% green electricity: everything has been green at Enovos for 10 years now

Green electricity has been standard at Enovos for a long time. But how can you actually be sure that “eco” is really in where “eco” is written on it? Where does our green electricity come from? And what are the differences between the various tariffs?

Consumers’ environmental awareness is growing steadily, and we are very pleased about that. After all, we have been supplying green electricity to all our household customers for ten years now – and are constantly developing our environmentally friendly energy offer. It is particularly important to us that you as the end consumer enjoy complete transparency.

How is green electricity certified and controlled?

Enovos has been offering its naturstroum since 2011. This is certified green electricity, which Enovos is also the only energy supplier in Luxembourg to have regularly tested for its green origin. The independent TÜV Rheinland institute confirms that naturstroum not only says “eco” on the label, but is also “eco” on the inside. So you can be sure that you are really getting renewable energy from Enovos.

European green electricity: naturstroum

All European and built on water: With naturstroum, Enovos supports the Energiewende in a very concrete way – and without ifs and buts. Even the “pure” naturstroum stands for 100% green electricity and for energy produced in Europe from hydropower.

Tariffs at a glance

You can choose between two tariffs. In addition to the basic naturstroum offer, Enovos also offers the alternative FIX naturstroum. This tariff guarantees a supply of green electricity at a fixed price for one or three years. So you don’t have to worry about any price fluctuations and there are no financial surprises. No matter which naturstroum tariff you choose: The energy that ultimately flows is green.

The regional premium green electricity: nova naturstroum

With nova naturstroum, Enovos goes one decisive step further. This premium product is both versatile and (particularly) regional in character. nova naturstroum is made up of solar, wind and hydroelectric power as well as biomass, with more than half of the energy being generated in Luxembourg. Only in the case of hydropower does Enovos additionally rely on new plants from the Alpine region.

The surcharge for this particularly environmentally conscious choice is very low: for 4,000 kWh of nova naturstroum, which corresponds to the average annual consumption of a single-family household in Luxembourg, there is an additional annual cost of only 14 euros.

Green gas: naturgas and nova naturgas

Enovos is also fully committed to a green offer in the supply of natural gas and offers 100% climate-neutral natural gas with naturgas. The nova product also goes one step further here: nova naturgas consists of 100% biomethane. Both tariffs are also available in the fixed-price variants FIX 1 or FIX 3.

Pioneer in environmental matters

With this product strategy, we are setting a good example for the environment and the energy transition together with our customers – and have been doing so for a decade now and far beyond the mere supply of energy. We look forward to moving into an even greener future together with you.

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Green electricity has been standard at Enovos for a long time.

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