Take advantage of all the benefits of the wind for your leisure time but also to produce green energy!

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As the saying goes, we will go where the wind takes us. So, on this European Wind and Wind Energy Day, let yourself be guided and enjoy the breeze and the trade winds, but beware of the gusts and the zephyrs… Of all the names that have been given to it, the wind has nowadays become a means of entertainment but also and above all, a source of renewable energy.

Long live the wind, long live the wind…

Today is the occasion to celebrate it! Various events are being organised across European cities to highlight the potential and efficiency of wind as a renewable energy source. Don’t forget how important it is to move away from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable energies, of which wind is one. Wind turbines will allow us to decarbonise our societies and protect our environment and future generations.

… winter and summer

If you like to fly a kite on the beach or take to the open sea on a sailboat, if you enjoy the thrill of hang-gliding, paragliding, kite-surfing, or if you like to jump out of a plane with a parachute, then you should know that without the wind, your leisure activities would be much less attractive. Just like the lovers of hot-air balloons and gliders, or the lovers of old and bucolic windmills, the wind is your leisure ally. So make the most of it, now more than ever! For example, you can attend the Great Region Cup at the Lultzhausen water sports centre (Upper Sûre lake).

A futuristic project

A super-giant wind turbine, the prototype of which was named SUMR50, should be ready by 2025. Six American universities are working hard on this incredible project to build the world’s most powerful wind turbine with a total height of 500 metres, far exceeding the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building. In a single rotation, it would be capable of supplying electricity to up to 50,000 homes!

Furthermore, Enovos is very committed to the production of renewable energy and builds and operates 42 wind turbines in 7 wind farms through the company SOLER (a joint venture between Enovos and SEO).

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