Renewable energy production and biodiversity: a valuable interplay

Through the photovoltaic power plant projects that are carried out together with several partners, Enovos is contributing to the development of renewable energy in the country, while at the same time promoting biodiversity.

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Production d'énergie renouvelable et biodiversité : une interaction respectueuse

According to Enovos, man owes everything that is essential to nature: air, water, food and energy.

This is why Enovos:

  • ensures that the environment and biodiversity are treated with respect on a daily basis;
  • is committed to using natural resources in a responsible and balanced way;
  • considers the conscious and economical use of energy and sustainable energy production as two of its main responsibilities

Producing renewable energy with strong partners

In order to fulfil these missions and to contribute to Luxembourg’s energy future, Enovos works with several partners – such as the RTL Group, Arthur Welter, Cactus, Panelux, Kichechef, POST Luxembourg, Luxtram, Goodyear, ArcelorMittal, Voyages Vandivinit or Kuehne+Nagel – to implement large-scale photovoltaic installations. The principle? The partners make their buildings or company sites available while Enovos provides the technology and expertise.

In the first phase of a public call, photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 13.9 MW were commissioned between 2019 and 2020. In the second phase, new plants with a total capacity of 19.5 MW will be deployed by the end of 2021.

Increasing renewable energy production in Luxembourg

In total, these various plants increase Luxembourg’s photovoltaic footprint by more than 10%. The expected energy production of all the new installations is about 32 GWh per year.

This is a further step towards the country’s 2030 target of a 25% share of renewable energy in total national consumption.

A creative approach to renewable energy production

In the second phase of the project, creative and innovative installation methods were chosen.

At Goodyear in Colmar Berg, for example, the photovoltaic systems are simultaneously used to shade the parking spaces below. At ArcelorMittal in Differdange, the photovoltaic panels float on a cooling pond.

Wildlife is also involved…

In order to advance the energy transition and biodiversity in the most efficient way, Enovos relies not only on its ‘classic’ partners, but also on animals.

At the RTL Group sites in Junglinster and Beidweiler, for example, particularly efficient assistants help to maintain the meadows around the photovoltaic power plants. Sheep ensure that the lawns are always well “mown”!

The extensive grazing by the sheep also makes a significant contribution to increasing biodiversity and linking the various biotopes. Indeed, we often see more biodiversity on such sites after the installation of a photovoltaic system. A win-win solution, from which everyone benefits!

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Did you know?

Biodiversity is commonly defined as the “diversity of species in an ecosystem” or the “harmonious interaction of all inhabitants of a habitat”.

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