naturgas, the 100% climate-neutral natural gas from Enovos: an impact on the climate

What does climate neutral mean, how is gas made climate neutral and what are the climate impacts?

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By supporting carbon offset projects, Enovos offers its customers climate-neutral natural gas. How does it work? What are the impacts of this mechanism?

What does climate neutral mean?

Efficient, economical, comfortable and practical, natural gas has more than one advantage. Even though it is the least polluting of the fossil fuels, natural gas still has an impact on the climate. Its combustion causes CO2 emissions.

However, it is possible to make natural gas climate neutral. How can this be achieved? By neutralising its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by reducing other GHGs elsewhere. This is known as carbon offsetting.

To offset CO2 emissions, climate protection projects are financed. They can take different forms: replacement of fossil fuels, development of renewable energies, improvement of energy efficiency, etc.

Based on very strict criteria for verifying and measuring GHG savings, independent labels attest to the environmental and/or social quality of the projects carried out, through the award of carbon offset certificates.

How does Enovos make its natural gas climate neutral?

Enovos is a key player in the energy and sustainable development sector and offers the naturgas package. By subscribing to this offer, consumers benefit from 100% climate-neutral gas, certified by an independent institute.

To obtain this certification, Enovos supports high-quality climate protection projects in Luxembourg’s development aid partner countries.

In addition, its CO2 compensation certificates meet the VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standard) and VCS- GS (Voluntary Carbon Standard Gold Standard) requirements. To obtain this demanding label, projects must contribute to the socio-economic development of the region where they are carried out and involve the local population.

Enovos’ certificates are VCS-compatible. VCS is the most widely used voluntary carbon offset standard in the world. It pays particular attention to the quality of GHG savings.

What climate protection projects does Enovos support?

Among the actions supported by Enovos are electrification projects in Nicaragua, India and Taiwan through the development of wind farms. Each year, hundreds of thousands of tons of GHGs are saved. Beyond the environmental benefits, the construction of these facilities has created new local jobs. Technology transfer is ensured through training in maintenance, safety and operation.

The electrification project in Senegal was based on the development of photovoltaic energy. The use of renewable energy preserves the biodiversity of mangroves. At the same time, jobs have been created in the agricultural sector.

In Ghana, the massive use of wood and charcoal for cooking has serious repercussions on the health of the inhabitants, air pollution and deforestation. To address these problems and meet the needs of the people, more efficient cooking stoves have been developed with local artisans. The result is an environmental, social and economic benefit.

What are the impacts of climate neutral gas on the climate?

By supporting projects to develop renewable energy and improve energy efficiency, climate neutral gas prevents global warming.

The impact of climate-neutral energy worldwide

Controlling energy consumption from fossil fuels reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fine particles. These atmospheric pollutants play a considerable role in climate change, the dangerous consequences of which we know.

Benefits at a local level too

In addition to these global results, there are also local benefits. The areas in which carbon offset projects are carried out see an improvement in air quality and the health of the inhabitants. Biodiversity is preserved, and entire villages benefit from the improvements in education and employment.

Carbon offsetting also makes people aware of their own CO2 emissions. Individuals, companies and local authorities are more aware of this issue than before and are more willing to reduce their emissions at source.

Does choosing a climate-neutral gas affect the price?

Carbon offset certificates are paid for by energy suppliers. They decide whether or not to pass on the cost to consumers.

Enovos has chosen to give its customers access to a climate-neutral gas at no extra cost.

The energy supplier’s objective is to ensure a secure and competitive supply of sustainable energy for all its customers.

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