Everyone knows the energy label, which provides information about the energy consumption of appliances. When choosing appliances, the energy label is very helpful. Of course, appliances are evolving. The energy label will change accordingly. We will inform you about the new energy label from 2021.


Even more economical

The technological advances of recent years, especially with regard to energy efficiency, have made appliances even more economical. The energy label has therefore been given sub-categories (A+, A++, A+++).

The EU has decided to revert to a simple energy label, graded from A to G. This will provide consumers with simple and clear information about the energy consumption of new household appliances when they buy them. Depending on the product, the new label also provides information on the water consumption, the capacity or the volume of the appliance.

The new energy label leaves room for improvement: In order to promote the development of technologies, no existing appliances will be categorised as A and B. The new energy label will not be used for the first time. An appliance that is currently classified as A+++ will consequently be classified as C. New even more advanced appliances may be classified as A or B in the future.

In future, the energy label will have a QR code so that additional information can be called up via smartphone.


Did you know?

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