The new EU energy labels are here!

Perhaps you’ve ever wanted to buy a new electrical appliance and wondered what the energy labels meant? Or what was the difference between A++ and A+++? That’s all in the past! Since March 2021, the new EU energy labels have been in force. Here you will find everything you need to know about them.

Everyone knows about energy labels. When you walk into an appliance shop, those coloured stickers are clearly visible, and that’s a good thing.

Energy labels provide information about the energy consumption of electrical appliances. They are very useful for finding out whether the appliance you are looking for is energy-efficient, so that you can make the best purchasing decision.

A to G: updated energy labels

Year after year, household appliances on the market have become more and more energy-efficient. To adapt to this evolution, the old system has used sub-classifications (A+, A++, A+++) for new appliances over the years, making it more difficult to read and understand the energy labels.

The European Union has therefore decided to simplify the labelling. Since March 2021, labels are classified from A to G, from the most efficient to the least efficient. They provide simple and clear information on the energy consumption of an appliance. Depending on the appliance, the information may include information on electricity consumption, water consumption or noise emissions.

Energy labels for the future: A and B classes

Experience has taught us that technology changes rapidly, and that we must take this into account. This is why no current appliance belongs to the A and B classes. An appliance that was previously classified as A+ is now classified as C. The A and B classes are reserved for future appliances that are even more efficient.

Another new feature is that the energy label now includes a QR code that allows you to access even more information via your smartphone.

In a nutshell
  • Energy labels provide information on the energy consumption of appliances and make it easier for consumers to choose.
  • In March 2021, the EU simplified energy labels to make them more convenient and understandable.
  • Energy labels are now classified from A to G. They provide information on the energy consumption, water consumption and noise level of the appliance.
  • An appliance that was previously rated A+ is now rated C. The A and B classes are reserved for future appliances that are even more efficient.
  • The new energy label includes a QR code allowing consumers to access more information via their smartphone.

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