The preconception is that a lot of energy is “burned up”, especially in winter. But the summer offers just as many cost traps, or, to put it positively, potential savings throughout the house. A “tour” shows where significant savings can be made without effort.


On all floors: cool rooms with little electricity

Even without electricity – for example from air conditioners – flowing in great quantities, your four walls can be transformed into a pleasant and cool oasis on hot days. Simply keep the windows closed and lower the shutters during the day. This will prevent warm air from entering, whereas ventilation is particularly recommended in the cool morning and evening hours. With these measures, you can do without an air conditioner or fan, even more so if your house or flat is well insulated.


” Cold ” kitchen: Using the refrigerator intelligently

Every time you open the fridge or freezer compartment, warm air flows into the appliance. As a result, additional energy is needed to reach the ideal cooling temperature – about 6 degrees for the fridge and -18 degrees for the freezer compartment. What helps: Keep your fridge tidy so that you can quickly find what you are looking for. In order not to increase the temperature senselessly, only put completely cooled food in your refrigerator or freezer. As a general rule, do not place the refrigerator next to your cooker or oven or in a sunny place. And: Use the space as fully as possible.


” Warm ” cookin : Just cook on ” low flame “.

Especially in summer, salads are preferable to heavy food. Nevertheless, only very few people will want to do without the cooker and oven completely during the warm season; you don’t have to overdo anything. Even if you leave the kitchen cold for a day or use the microwave instead of the cooker and oven, this helps to keep the room temperature pleasant. So you save twice. Other efficient measures: Cook with a lid, the whole thing on the appropriate plate, and turn off the cooker just before your food is ready.


Fresh clothes: Clean is quick and easy in summer

In summer, clothes are often only lightly soiled. You can therefore get your laundry clean and dry with less energy during the warm season. You can safely dispense with familiar habits such as pre-washing; a short wash cycle, ideally at a low number of degrees, will do just as well. Reduce the amount of spinning in the machine to a minimum and skip the tumble dryer altogether. Your laundry will dry just as well in the wind, i.e. in the fresh air.



Study and living room: Stand-by mode off, carpets out

The so-called stand-by function is a widespread misunderstanding. Even in this mode, appliances consume electricity and generate heat. Therefore, do not use the stand-by function of your appliances and simply switch them off completely. Optimise the screen settings of your television or computer: most monitors can be adjusted with little energy so that everything is clearly visible even in bright sunlight. And you can also save energy beyond modern technology: carpets, for example, store heat, so store them away in the summer.


Garden and patio: Using light in a targeted way

Balmy summer evenings in the garden or on the terrace are something wonderful, all the more so because energy consumption can also be reduced outside the front door. For example, switch your lighting on and off using motion detectors. Lamps with rechargeable LEDs are also economical.

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