Thunder is cracking the last few days. This is one of the disadvantages of summer and heat: they cause thunderstorms, thunder and lightning strikes. Not without danger! Should we take care of lightning rods on our buildings?


Should we equip every building with a lightning conductor?

What does Luxembourg law say? In Luxembourg, it is not obligatory to equip buildings and houses with a lightning conductor.

However, it is recommended because a lightning strike is not the only danger. Surge damage is one of the main problems that can cause serious damage. If lightning strikes a metal pipe, all electronic devices in the house can be destroyed, even if lightning strikes a neighbouring house. For this reason, all wiring should also be earthed.


What to do during a thunderstorm?

You should stay away from high-risk areas. Trees are a natural shelter from rain, but avoid them during thunderstorms. Do not run and keep a distance of about three metres from other people. Taking shelter in a house or a car is actually the best reflex. If you cannot find shelter, it is advisable to adopt a safety position: crouch down, place your feet on insulating material (rainwear, wood, glass), protect your head with your arms. If you are in the mountains, stay away from peaks. In the water or on you should go directly to the nearest port, weather permitting.

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