How does Smarty, your smart meter in Luxembourg, work?

Do you have a Smarty electricity and/or gas meter in your home? Find out how it works in detail.

It’s here: your network operator has installed a new electricity and/or gas meter in your home and its smart functions have just been activated. In Luxembourg, this meter is called Smarty. But how do you use it? Follow the guide!

How to use Smarty, your new electricity and gas meter?

What are all the buttons and lights on your smart meter for? We’ll tell you.

1.    The display

The display of your Smarty smart meter shows several elements.

  • Zone 1 shows your consumption in kWh under the code “1.8.0 (OBIS code). The numbers give you the current index of the energy consumed in kWh.
  • Field 2 is the value.
  • Field 3 is the unit of measurement.
  • Field 4 gives more technical indicators, useful to the network operator.

2.    The green button

This button allows you to navigate through the different information on the screen. It also allows you to reconnect your meter in the event of an outage or if the maximum power level is exceeded.

3.    The connection light

This light is located to the right of the green button. When it is lit, it means that your meter needs to be reconnected. To do this, simply press the green button.

4.    The consumption and production lights

These lights come on or flash when you are consuming or producing energy.

5.    The maintenance reader

You do not need this. It is used by your network operator to maintain your meter.

6.    The QR code

This is the number used to identify your device. This number can also be found on your contract and your energy bills.

7.    The seal

Your meter is sealed to guarantee your safety. Only your network operator or an authorised electrician is entitled to remove this seal.

8.    The customer access

Under this green cover is your customer access. You can access your consumption data in real time if you have a smart home application, for example


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