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The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation. New trends, practices and technologies are constantly emerging and developing to better meet consumer needs and the climate challenges we face.

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Why use a heat pump?

The heating system using a heat pump is environmentally friendly and economical. Advantages, operation, price ... we explain everything you need to know!

Better understanding of developments in the energy sector

In this changing environment, it is not always easy to find one’s way around, to understand what these new developments consist of or to make the right choices. The energy transition, the evolution of the systems or devices used can also raise certain questions or concerns for consumers.

In this section, Enovos’ experts sift through the latest trends, providing a sharp look at today’s and tomorrow’s technologies so you can make up your own mind. They also inform you about the latest developments in the energy sector in Luxembourg and its prospects. Finally, through their advice, they help you to optimise your energy consumption.