Zoom on Leticia do Nascimento - capoeira in a few kicks

After a different kind of spring and summer, it’s almost back to school and with it, a slight return to normalcy. As for me, I must admit that I took advantage of the confinement to develop my culinary talents… small casseroles, full meals instead of a salad or a sandwich and nibbles during the telework: everything was really delicious, but still leaves a bitter taste when looking at the scale. The summer didn’t really help either… the temperatures were certainly conducive to salads, but let’s face it, it was mostly full of barbecues, ice cream and aperitifs…

In short… the new school year will be the occasion to take up new good resolutions (Covid obliges, those of the 1st of January didn’t last long) and so I decided to (re)start sport. And not just any sport: capoeira! To get into the swing of things, Leticia do Nascimento – European champion! – has prepared a few exercises to do at home before the reopening of the Abada Capoeira club on 16 September!

Discover Leticia’s energetic tutorial!

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Discover Leticia’s story:

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