Your energy projects rewarded!

Did you know that you can receive a bonus for your energy projects? Enovos is committed to a green environment and rewards you for your efforts!

As a key player in the energy sector in Luxembourg, Enovos encourages everyone to improve the energy performance of their homes by offering grants in addition to state aid for any energy improvement project.

Over the years, Enovos has made the energy transition one of its priorities. This is why Enovos created the nova naturstroum fund with natur&ëmwelt and energieagence. Aiming to promote and enhance renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and eco-technologies in Luxembourg, the nova naturstroum fund grants annual premiums to individuals, companies and public or charitable bodies. In this context, priority is given to projects with a multiplier effect, an innovative or didactic character. 200,000 is allocated to the fund each year, which is then transferred to grants for projects with an ecological and sustainable impact.

Developing simple everyday eco-gestures, building a low-energy house, installing a decentralised production unit, carrying out energy renovation work: whatever your situation and your objectives, Enovos can help you in your efforts to improve the energy performance of your home.

Discover all the advantages of the nova naturstroum fund on , as well as the application form to benefit from your premium!

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