Tom Hecker - dedicated to a cause

“If only I had a little more time for myself”

“It would be nice to have a bunch of kids running around”.

“I’ve always dreamed of being an artist

” How nice it would be to be on a beach right now ”

” When I grow up, I want to be a unicorn princess “

Don’t we all sometimes dream of another life? To be someone else from time to time? Don’t we all have an alter ego sleeping somewhere inside us? Someone who would be more beautiful, less shy, richer, less stressed, more creative…

Isn’t that why we dress up? (Or even why we dress up for a party or to go to the office, for that matter…) Not to hide. But to show ourselves. To show that other person we are too.

Tom Hecker has understood this. And so does Seraphine? Together, they fight every day for their rights. To be themselves. To see the world in a different way and to give courage to others. The courage to see beyond our differences and to appreciate each other. Without prejudice. Without stereotypes.

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