Photovoltaics: sheep in the service of biodiversity

Producing green electricity and thus contributing to the sustainable development of the country: this is the common objective of Enovos and RTL Group. This is why the two companies have set up large-scale photovoltaic installations at the Junglinster and Beidweiler sites. With a capacity of 7.2 MWp, the plants in Junglinster and Beidweiler produce energy for 1,668 households annually. But it doesn’t stop there! In order to promote the development of the surrounding flora and fauna, Enovos has set up an efficient field maintenance system 😉

Sun to produce energy and sheep to maintain the installation

Being concerned about the smooth running of the installation but also about the respect of the land where it is located, Enovos and RTL Group have committed to take care of the land in a neat way, and therefore to mow the lawn and to collect the grass under and around the panels. However, a mechanical solution to carry out this maintenance work presents certain challenges, including the difficulty of accessing the underside of the panels, fuel consumption of the mower and the associated odours, soil compaction, noise pollution and even the risk of damage to the panels, etc.

Enovos and RTL Group therefore opted for a simple but effective solution in collaboration with the Nature and Forestry Administration and a local shepherd… Sheep will be in charge of the maintenance of the land! 🐑 A solution that is neither technological nor digital, but a return to the roots that has already proven itself over the last millennia: grazing 😉

A win-win solution

Apart from being too cute (yes, yes), the sheep that have taken up residence on RTL’s land have many advantages. For Enovos and RTL, it’s simple: the lawn is perfectly mowed, with no noise, no smell of fuel and no damage to the ground or panels.

Of course, the Nature and Forestry Administration also welcomed the 100% ecological project with enthusiasm since it promotes biodiversity on the meadow while respecting the site’s ecosystem… Moreover, the absence of the sheep during certain periods will allow the vegetation to develop while respecting the blooms. 🌷🌺🌼🌻

And let’s not forget the benefits for the main people involved: the sheep! Apart from the succulent juicy grass provided, the photovoltaic panels occupying a large area offer the 20 or so goats ideal shelter from the sun and rain. 🧡🐑🌞

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Sheep take care of the maintenance of the land

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