Marcel - a little rabbit of hope

Spring is finally here! It’s true that after a year of confinement, deconfinement, re-confinement, and months of rain, cold, and dreariness, we all want to get outside and get some fresh air in our garden, in a park, in the forest or on a playground!

At the moment, for all of us, “Easter” is a magic word, synonymous with hope. Hope that we will finally see some sunshine again, that we will be able to do some gardening, that we will be able to have a drink on the terrace, that the pandemic situation will improve… (fingers crossed)

Isn’t it precisely at Easter that we celebrate renewal? The arrival of fine weather, the blossoming of flowers, reproduction: Easter seems to bring back to life what was on hold during those long winter months… a new beginning!

So let’s take this opportunity to take a deep breath of fresh air and refocus on this new cycle that is beginning. Renewable energies, sustainable commitments and social responsibility: spring promises great things. So let’s put aside our gloomy mood and take life to the garden.

To cheer you up, we did not skimp on the means and went to meet Marcel, the Easter Bunny, who revealed all his secrets to us! His optimism and good humour are contagious, make us smile and give us the energy to celebrate renewal and hope!

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Marcel - a little rabbit of hope

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