Made in Luxembourg: producing locally, consuming locally

The COVID-19 pandemic and the confinement measures that have been taken have profoundly changed our lifestyles, our consumption patterns and the way we live. We have refocused on ourselves, on our family. We have done our shopping differently, we have taken the opportunity to start baking home-made bread, or even to start a vegetable garden that will offer us its first tasty vegetables in a few weeks. Because we have been forced to do so, in order to protect our health and that of others, but also perhaps because we have acquired a taste for it, we have slowed down the pace. We turned to local, sustainable and ethically sourced products.

A committed energy supplier

For Enovos, this commitment makes sense. As the driving force behind the energy transition in Luxembourg, Enovos has been encouraging the development of sustainable energy sources in the Grand Duchy for several years now, for example by supporting wind power projects and setting up photovoltaic installations that enable the country to become more self-sufficient. The numerous projects implemented by Enovos and its partners will once again contribute to increasing the country’s photovoltaic footprint by around 10%. This increase is a further step towards achieving the 25% share of renewable energy in total national consumption that Luxembourg has set itself as a target for 2030.

Supporting local trade

Today, more than a year after the beginning of the global health crisis, our economy is recovering. Shopkeepers, restaurant owners, event organisers: we all want and need to see them again, to show our support.

For Enovos, supporting the local economy is just as important as producing local energy. So, in 2021, let’s commit together to our country. And to our planet.

We give you local energy. You support local economy.

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Made in Luxembourg

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