Life in Multiplayer Mode - Feature of David Mond, Cosplayer

Becoming someone else is his passion. This 22-year-old Luxembourger leads several lives: security guard during the week and cosplayer on weekends. He devotes himself entirely to this passion and has almost 2,230 followers on Instagram.

Cosplay, a way of life

The practice was born in the United States in the 1970s/1980s, and has met with great success in Japan and has expanded almost internationally. Now widely practised in Europe too, it consists of imitating a character from manga, comics, Japanese animation, films or video games by dressing up with make-up, wigs and costumes. Practices differ slightly from one geographical area to another: in Japan, the emphasis is on physical resemblance to the characters, in the United States, the originality of the costumes and the stage performance are given priority, while in Europe, it is mainly the quality of the costumes that is judged. In addition, making your own costume and props is more valued in the industry.

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“My life is made up of hundreds of stories”

David Mond is a true enthusiast. He makes all his own costumes and makes it a point of honour to look like his favourite muscular characters. His latest: Skull, a character from a comic book and a bad boy like he likes. The young cosplayer will be present at the Luxembourg Gaming Xperience on 28 and 29 September. Geek culture and gaming will be the keywords of this convention!

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