Jean la Gaufre - treating gourmets from father to son

And here are the most popular waffles in Luxembourg!

This is it, here we are! The Schueberfouer is finally back until 11 September. And with it and its local folklore, the great regular of this fair, Jean la Gaufre, will also be there. It’s high time to delight your taste buds with these sweet chocolate, strawberry and whipped cream delights.

Once upon a time…

Jean The Blind, Count of Luxembourg, had the idea of creating an eight-day trade fair on the occasion of St. Bartholomew’s Day, celebrated on 24 August. The Fouer dates back to 1340 and was a fair that greatly improved the competitiveness of Luxembourg. In 1844 the fair took a new turn thanks to the industrial revolution: attractions were now an essential part of the fair.

“The best waffles in the world and around”

Present at the Schueberfouer but also at the Octave market and the Christmas market, Jean la Gaufre is the unavoidable waffle specialist and has been delighting young and old since 1887. This beautiful family story began in Brussels in 1887 when the confectioner Jean Vandervaeren launched the legendary brand. His seven-generation descendant, Jean-Marc, is still carrying on the tradition and has even renamed the brand “Jean la Gaufre”, a little nod to all the Johns in the family. Thin, light, soft and crispy, this Belgian waffle is the most tasted and expected at events in Luxembourg. This family business, which has chosen the Grand Duchy as its adoptive country, has not yet finished making a name for itself!

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