Heating that saves you money!

Get out your down jackets – the bad days are back! Winter is synonymous with cold, damp, evenings spent under a thick blanket, hot chocolate in front of the television and heating on maximum power.

But did you know that turning on the heating doesn’t have to mean a huge heating bill? Save money with intelligent heating. This is THE solution for all those who want to keep warm without breaking the bank!

Thanks to its intelligent electronic sensor, the intelligent heater can recognise :

  • Whether it is night or day,
  • If a window is open,
  • If the air in the room is getting colder,
  • If you are in a room or not.

Thus, this heating system limits heat loss in your home and regulates the heat according to your needs without you having to worry about it. For example, the heater switches to standby mode as soon as it detects that the room is unoccupied and thus allows you to make considerable savings on your heating bill!

Don’t hesitate and opt for intelligent heating too!


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