Filling up at public charging stations is easy with enodrive!

After weeks of headaches and waiting, it’s finally here: you are now the proud owner of a new electric car!

You have of course taken all the necessary steps to welcome your car at home and you have tidied up your garage to install a charging point (editor’s note: an excellent initiative by the way, because a specialised charging point allows for more efficient and safer charging than a simple domestic socket). But what about public charging points? Did you know that there are currently more than 200 stations available throughout the Grand Duchy (and that there will be more than 800 by 2021) and that all you need is a card to access them at any time?

Enovos shows you how to order your mKaart Chargy with enodrive services in just a few clicks and how to fill up easily at public charging station.

Watch how it works:

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