Christmas is the time when we want to be close to our loved ones… to be around a table, next to the tree, to unwrap presents… to be together…

This year, let’s think about all those who spend the holidays alone, who are far from their family, far from home…

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Yes, Christmas will be different for everyone this year, but what about those for whom it is not an exception? Let’s think about the carers on duty for the holidays, but let’s also think about the police, the fire brigade, the shopkeepers, the restaurateurs, the convenience stores: all those who work to ensure that we can have a safe and happy holiday.

Let us also think of those who have no home: the homeless or political refugees.

Let’s not forget those who have no family, widows or orphans, the elderly, alone or in retirement homes…

For all these people, our Christmas 2020 is a daily reality. Let us not forget them. Let us show them that even if we are far from each other, we are thinking of them. Let us show our love, our affection, our gratitude, our presence.

We wish each and every one of you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

We give you the energy. You write the story.

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