With the fund nova naturstroum, Enovos pursues the goal of promoting and developing renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and eco-technologies in Luxembourg.


Sustainable development and the energy transition are our mission. In this regard, Enovos Luxembourg supports energy saving. The approach of the nova naturstroum funds is extensive.


100% electric on the road

A complete decarbonisation of public transports by 2030 is the Grand Duchy’s goal. A true commitment to the future.


The nova naturstroum fund supports the electrification of school mobility.

On the initiative of the local authority of the commune of Bissen, in collaboration with Voyages Emile Weberdas, the project of the first 100% electric school bus in Luxembourg has been launched. The electricity for this 100% electric school bus comes from exclusively renewable energy sources.


Pilot project: A 100 % electric bus line

Six new 100 % electric buses are part of this ambitious project. The fonds nova naturstroum is funding the project. “The electrification of public transport continues with line 290!”, informs the slogan about the electrification of the RGTR line 290, which runs between the train station in Mersch and Luxembourg City. The charging will take place during the night in the new depot in Bissen.

A reward for your efforts, a real win-win situation:

The nova naturstroum funds are here for your renewable energy projects!

Have you implemented or are you planning a renewable energy, energy efficiency or eco-technology project? What a coincidence! The fonds nova naturstroum represents the environmental pillar of the Enovos Foundation and promotes energy projects. You can submit your grant application at any time during the year in which the project is undertaken.

You can find all the details here: fnn.lu


Enoprimes supports your energy-efficient renovation projects

With the enoprimes initiative, you save twice: Your renovation works cost you less and you reduce your energy consumption.

Do you want to undertake renovations in the field of energy efficiency? The more energy you save through your renovation, the higher your premium will be! Calculate the amount of your premium in just a few clicks: simulateur.enoprimes.lu

Important to know: Don’t forget to sign the enoprimes offer (you will receive this from your enoprimes handicraft partner) before signing the contract for the construction work!

Find out about what projects are eligible for funding here: enoprimes.lu


Prix d’excellence

Attention engineering students!

Your master’s thesis deserves a reward. Every year, the Enovos Foundation awards the Prix d’excellence to the best engineering master’s theses. Apply and win €2,500!

Created in 2010 under the patronage of the Fondation du Luxembourg, the Fondation Enovos aims to contribute to the economic, environmental and social development of Luxembourg and the Greater Region. The Fondation Enovos reflects the company’s guiding principle of acting responsibly towards present and future generations.


For more information, please visit fondation-enovos.lu

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