As part of the enoprimes programme, Enovos has teamed up with the organisation Inter-Actions to provide more economical LED bulbs to people in precarious situations in order to raise their awareness of the environment, electricity and sustainable development.


Shared values

Inter-Actions is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to improve the living conditions of socially disadvantaged Luxembourg and foreign residents. Their objective is to fight against social exclusion and to work towards a society of equal opportunities. This is done through community-oriented social work, work with disadvantaged children and young people and the implementation of reintegration measures.


Their commitment is fully in line with the values that we want to convey in our company; the inclusion of everyone with respect to their cultural and ethnic diversity.


Concrete savings

To help them, we want to pass on our knowledge alongside Inter-Actions, by showing the advantages of LED bulbs. We want to raise awareness of a new, highly efficient and long-lasting light source that offers considerable savings. LEDs produce light without harmful UV rays, are long-lasting and have a minimal environmental impact. In addition, they consume less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. They generate less pollution and save you money!


Raising children’s awareness

A first concrete project has already been carried out in collaboration with the Pinocchio home, whose children are committed to environmental protection alongside Enovos. The first didactic, playful and creative activities related to the environment took place during the Easter holidays and will continue until next June with exhibitions and events during which more than a thousand LED bulbs will be distributed by the children.


Congratulations to the Pinocchio foyer for this great initiative!

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