enodrive zen for electric cars: stress-free on the road across Europe

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular – not only because of the improved security of supply. With our e-mobility concept enodrive zen, you can travel across Europe in a relaxed and unrestricted state of mind.

With enodrive zen, you can travel in complete relaxation by electric car and be sure that you will never be stranded, even beyond the borders of Luxembourg. So nothing stands in the way of eco-efficient city trips, business trips or holidays throughout Europe!

The enodrive zen service is aimed at drivers of electric vehicles and is consists of an app and an RFID card.

enodrive zen: a card to charge your e-car

With the enodrive zen card, you can charge electric vehicles quickly and easily throughout Europe.

Your charging transactions made in Luxembourg and Europe are billed monthly. The bill is automatically sent to you by e-mail after charging and the corresponding amount is debited directly from your credit card or bank account. The current account balance can also be called up at any time via the enodrive zen app.

enodrive zen: a mobile app for 180,000 charging stations at home and abroad.

The enodrive zen app not only displays your account balance, but also 180,000 charging stations including all Chargy & Chargy OK stations in Luxembourg, where green electricity is always available, as well as a complete e-mobility network spread across Europe.

enodrive zen offers you all the essential functions for charging your e-vehicle. Among other things, the app can:

  • find charging points near you and show you the way there;
  • display the availability and charging tariff of each individual charging point;
  • remotely activate and terminate the charging process (at some charging stations).
  • show all technical information on the charging points at a glance

What’s more: the enodrive zen app knows all the relevant technical details about the respective charging station. This is particularly helpful because the charging stations are not all identical: The stations vary in terms of power, and thus also in the charging time required. In addition, not all stations have the same type of plug, so not every car can be charged everywhere. By making all this information available, enodrive zen helps you avoid nasty surprises and makes e-mobility a relaxed affair.

enodrive zen makes e-mobility child's play

Luc Welter, director of client experience at POST Group, reports on how easy e-mobility is thanks to enodrive zen. He has already covered more than 20,000 kilometres in his electric car.

I can use my electric car just like any other vehicle. I charge it about every three days, drive it to work, and transporting heavy loads or towing a trailer is also feasible without any restrictions. The only difference is that driving is now much quieter – and therefore more pleasant!

With enodrive zen, charging abroad is now also child’s play, as I discovered, for example, when travelling to Belgium. With the enodrive zen app, I was able to find the right charging station very quickly and “refuel” my car, so that I got back home without a hitch.”

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