In line with the Luxembourgish government’s objective, Enovos will install eight large photovoltaic plants this year with a total capacity of 11.5 MWp. In collaboration with local partners, Enovos is implementing its investment strategy in renewable energy and has been able to define the optimal use of suitable land. The expedition into the future begins with success: learn more about the resounding beginnings of our commitments here.


The context in Luxembourg

Luxembourg aims to achieve 11% renewable energy production by 2020. In order to achieve this goal, the State launched a first call in 2018 for the construction and operation of large photovoltaic plants with a capacity of more than 500 kWp. As a key player in the Luxembourgish energy transition, Enovos responded to this call has built photovoltaic plants with a total capacity of 11.5 MWp on the territory of the Grand Duchy by the end of 2019. This energy production is equivalent to the annual consumption of around 2,800 households. The impact of these projects is remarkable, as energy production through photovoltaic technologies will increase by 10%.


Enovos and its partners

As a company committed to the environment and sustainable development, Enovos is dedicated to increasing the energy generated by photovoltaics in Luxembourg. In doing so, Enovos can rely on local and committed partners such as the RTL Group, Cactus, Panelux, POST Luxembourg, Kichechef or Luxtram. Their rooftops or available land will be transformed into green energy production facilities thanks to our experts: a great initiative from all parties involved to boost the development of sustainable energy.



Large photovoltaic plants

The first two large solar parks in Luxembourg with a total capacity of 7.2 MWp were in cooperation with the RTL Group at their broadcasting locations. A great premiere for the country! Further plants with a capacity of 4.3 MWp are installed on the rooftops of partners such as Cactus, Panelux, POST Luxembourg, Kichechef or Luxtram.


It was a challenge, but…

… the execution of these ecological projects has made it possible to take a big step forward. Thanks to its know-how, Enovos is contributing to the country’s sustainable future and helping the Grand Duchy to achieve its commitment of 11% renewable energy by 2020. The development of renewable energies is a priority and Enovos wants to meet the challenge of climate change with innovative technical solutions.

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