Brice Bosi - the perseverance of passion

When I was little, I used to play with dolls and dreamed of being like Barbie one day, with a waist like a wasp, pretty clothes and to live in a nice pink house with a Ken by my side… Fortunately, later on, my aspirations developed towards less stereotypical projects and if at one time I wanted to become a marine explorer or an astronaut, I must admit that “princess” was also on my list of potential career opportunities: “But that’s not what this article is about… What’s important here are the dreams!

Brice Bosi has always dreamed of living his passion. And his passion is cars. (Like Barbie, hot wheels and Carrera circuits are dream makers 😉 ) His first words (Vroom Vroom), his childhood toys, his teenage hobbies: Brice’s world has always revolved around cars and car racing! His passion and perseverance paid off: at 23 he won the French Formula Renault championship. And after studying mechanical sports, Brice can congratulate himself on being at the head of a Formula E team today…

Believing in one’s dreams, giving oneself the necessary means and energy to make them come true: this is the key to success!

Well done, Brice!

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Brice Bosi

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