Only together can we achieve great things. And this also applies to the big goals. The energy transition is such a goal, and everyone can participate. Countries, cities, municipalities, companies and you, as an individual, are invited to participate. So how can you help shape the change in energy use?

The link between people and nature

It’s all about protecting the environment and our nature. Nature is not only something beautiful from which we draw our energy, it has much more use for us than we think. Food, water and air are nature’s most important services – for young and old, for poor and rich, for today and for tomorrow.

The facets of the energy transition

Preserving natural resources and using renewable energies is worthwhile. Conscious and sparing use is a good start. Of course, energy production must also become more sustainable.

And that is exactly what the energy transition is all about: protecting the climate and nature and switching to green energy. Luxembourg is on this path. The Luxembourg government’s commitment to promoting the supply of renewable energy and protecting the climate is strong. As a result, many initiatives are moving in the direction of energy transition.

Renewable energies in Luxembourg: applications and objectives

Many actors are working hand in hand with a common goal: Luxembourg’s energy future. Enovos’ large-scale photovoltaic construction projects are examples of success. Strengths, potentials and capacities are being multiplied through successful cooperation. Luxembourg is thus positioning itself as a proactive player in the energy transition.

Enovos cooperates closely with local partners such as RTL Group, Arthur Welter, Cactus, Panelux, Kichechef, POST Luxembourg and Luxtram. Experience, expertise and adequate space interact to produce photovoltaic systems with a total output of 13.9 MWp.

The nine large-scale photovoltaic power plants of Enovos and its partners will supply 3,400 households with energy. Many companies are already setting an example and are in perfect harmony with the government’s strategy to promote renewable energy in the Grand Duchy. We hope that others will join the movement. Luxembourg is aiming for 25% renewable energy production by 2030 – together we can achieve this ambitious goal.

The energy transition in practice

It is important for the future that we use our energy more efficiently and get more out of every kilowatt hour of electricity and every cubic metre of natural gas. Electricity, heating and mobility offer a lot of potential in this respect.

Take a close look at your electricity consumption and compare it with the average consumption of other households (average consumption of a 4-person household in Luxembourg: 4,000 kWh/year).


  • Save electricity by not leaving any appliance in standby mode.
  • Clean up your home and take advantage of attractive incentives. Find out more at
  • Grandma’s draught excluder at the front door makes sense, and there are dozens of more modern and discreet versions. Alternatively, seal your front door with caulking.
  • Consider the electric car when buying a vehicle.
  • Walk as much as possible, cycle and use public transport such as buses, trains and trams.
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