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Developments in the energy market

We continue to be in an energy crisis. This began as early as 2021, when low supply, coupled with less-filled gas storage facilities, met high demand, leading to significant price increases on wholesale markets.

A broad-based LED campaign in municipalities

The enoprimes programme supports private individuals but also municipalities in their sustainable investments. Thus, 130,000 LEDs have been distributed in 27 municipalities in Luxembourg to their citizens.

Enovos, the main energy supplier in Luxembourg, actively supports the development of renewable energies and the energy transition and initiates and develops numerous projects in these fields.

Enovos accompanies you in your daily needs for green electricity and climate neutral natural gas. Through various products and services, Enovos also helps you to reduce your consumption and achieve greater energy efficiency in your home.

Stories that deserve to be heard

In Luxembourg, many other players are also committed to greener energy and a more responsible society.