How can you combine comfort and energy savings when winter is on its way? Our tips for thermal comfort at a lower cost.

Arrivée des basses températures : quand remettre son chauffage ?

There is no fixed date for putting the heating back on! The most chilly will do so as soon as the first frosts of autumn arrive, while others will prefer to put on a jumper. Beyond the feeling, there are a few tricks to reduce your energy bill while maintaining optimal comfort.

Putting your heating back on: How to combine energy savings and comfort?

When the summer draws to a close, do you wonder when to turn the heating back on in your home? Quite simply, when you can no longer reach a comfortable temperature. This can vary greatly depending on whether you live in a modern flat or a poorly insulated old house.

In Luxembourg, housing (rent, heating, electricity and other charges) represents the largest item of household expenditure. This means that optimising your heating will have a significant impact on your budget.

Reducing your energy bills means that you can allocate more money to your leisure activities or better food, for example. It also means contributing to the fight against global warming by reducing your CO2 emissions.

To achieve this, you don’t have to grit your teeth all winter! With some simple everyday gestures, you can save energy and enjoy a cosy home all year round.

Choosing the right temperature

First step: choose the right temperature! Or rather the right temperatures, because you don’t need to heat every room in the house in the same way:

  • 20-23° C in the living room. Perfect for relaxing on the sofa.
  • 18°-20° C in the kitchen. Sufficient with the heat released by the preparation of meals.
  • 16-18° C in the bedrooms. Ideal for a restful night.
  • 20° C in the children’s rooms. The right compromise to ensure rest and good health.
  • 20-23° C in the bathroom. Necessary to avoid shivering in the shower.
  • 16-18° C in the corridors. No need for more in busy areas.

And so that you don’t just rely on your feelings, install thermometers to check that the temperature is right.

The temperature in your home is not the same everywhere. Nor should it be the same all the time! During the night, lower the room temperature by 2°C. You won’t feel the difference when you’re warm under your duvet.

And if you are going to be away for a long time, don’t forget to put the heating on frost protection mode.

Some tips for saving money on your heating bill

Without talking about completely changing your heating system, you can adopt good habits that will save you money.

For example, by closing your shutters at night, you keep the heat in your home. As windows are sometimes poorly insulated, drawing your curtains is also useful, especially if they are thick.

To take advantage of all the heat emitted by your radiators, nothing should clutter them up. Don’t put furniture in front of them, or shelves on them. And make sure you clean them regularly. A good dusting works wonders!

Also remember to bleed your radiators at least once a year. By releasing the accumulated air, you will regain the full efficiency of your heating system.

Another simple operation you can do is to insulate the heating water distribution pipes when they are in an unheated cellar or garage. The system will be better protected against frost and you will limit heat loss.

What savings can be made by limiting the TEMPERATURE of your heating?

Having the right temperature in the right place at the right time is the secret to reducing your energy bills!

Did you know that? Lowering the room temperature by 1°C can save up to 7% on your energy bill. Maybe it’s worth putting on a waistcoat?

The best way to maintain the room temperature at a chosen value is to install a control system: a room thermostat for the whole house, thermostatic valves or electronic thermostats in each room.

In addition, programming allows you to adjust the temperature according to your needs. You can control your heating according to the time of day, the day of the week, your presence in the house… You can even control it remotely with your smartphone.

By optimising the operation of the heating system and avoiding waste, enosmart tado° allows you to save up to 31% of energy thanks to geolocation. Find out more about enosmart tado°’s smart thermostatic valves and central thermostat.

To improve the efficiency of your heating, consider hydraulic compensation. This method consists of balancing the water flows in your heating network, thanks to specific valves that adjust the flow rates required in each room of your home. No more cold rooms at the top of the house, while the living room is overheated! You can enjoy the right temperature everywhere, without needlessly increasing the boiler’s heating power. The result: better thermal comfort and savings on your energy bill.

One final point to remember: you should maintain your boiler regularly to ensure its long-term performance. A poorly maintained boiler can consume up to 12% more energy.

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