By installing a smart connected thermostat in your home, you can enjoy greater comfort while reducing your energy consumption.

Arrivée des basses températures : quand remettre son chauffage ?

The smart connected thermostat is a very practical piece of equipment. It allows you to adapt the temperature of the rooms in your home to your lifestyle, while helping you to save energy. Why not adopt it?

What is a connected thermostat?

The thermostat is a small device installed in your home, usually in the main living area, and connected to your heating system.

Thanks to its sensor, the thermostat is able to detect the temperature in real time in your home. If it is too cold, the device automatically switches on the heating to reach the desired temperature. If the right temperature is reached, the thermostat ensures that it is maintained.

A connected thermostat can also be programmed to allow you to plan in detail what temperature you want in your home at what time. For example, you can choose to raise the temperature in the morning when you wake up and when you return from work, and lower it during the day and night.

In addition, a connected thermostat allows you to control your heating system remotely, usually through a mobile app or dedicated website. You can change and control your heating settings wherever you are, whenever you want.

What are the benefits of a smart connected thermostat?

The smart connected thermostat, such as Enovos’ enosmart tado° for example, goes one step further. The smart connected thermostat adapts to your lifestyle, your movements and its environment. It takes several variables into account to optimise your heating:

  • your heating preferences ;
  • your daily habits ;
  • whether you are at home or not
  • the weather;
  • your building.

By geo-locating your smartphone, the enosmart tado° thermostat is able to turn the heating down when you are away from home and turn it back up when you are near. It also takes into account the weather conditions where you live. Finally, it takes into account the characteristics of your building – how fast it cools and heats up – to manage your heating as efficiently as possible.

Thanks to its precise operation, the smart connected thermostat provides you with ideal warmth at all times, improving the thermal comfort of your home.

Why does the smart connected thermostat help you to use less energy?

Because it precisely adjusts the operation of your heating according to whether you are home or not, the outside temperature and the characteristics of your home, the smart connected thermostat helps you to save energy.

The enosmart tado° thermostat is capable of turning off the heating when it is no longer needed, automatically lowering the temperature at night or when you are away, etc. In this way, you can avoid unnecessary costs.

The price of a smart connected thermostat will therefore quickly pay for itself thanks to the energy savings it will allow you to make.

How do I install enosmart tado°?

enosmart tado° is compatible with 95% of all central heating systems, old and new, whether they are powered by electricity, wood, oil, gas or a heat pump.

The thermostat is wireless and can be placed anywhere in the house.

Do you have a traditional heating system with radiators in every room? Think about smart thermostatic valves. All enosmart tado° devices will then communicate with each other.

The installation can be done by yourself quite easily, or by a professional.

Find out more about enosmart tado°.

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