Our 5 tips to keep your home cool during the summer

For some people, summer is a real ordeal because the heat in their home is so unbearable. But did you know that with a few little tricks, you can easily lower the thermometer at home? Follow the guide!

Nos 5 conseils pour garder de la fraîcheur dans votre appartement

What a pleasure it is to enjoy the summer, its sun and its high temperatures! But when the mercury rises and your flat becomes a furnace, it’s not so pleasant. Fortunately, there are a few tips to help you keep your home cool.

Close the windows and shutters during the day to keep cool

To keep your flat cool when it is hot outside, remember to close your windows, curtains or shutters. Heat is absorbed by your windows, which leads to a rise in temperature in your home.

When night falls, open your windows and shutters again to allow air to circulate. Your home will cool down and you will be able to sleep better.

Keep your home cool with good insulation

The ability of your home to keep the heat in comes mainly from the quality of its insulation. A well-insulated home not only keeps out the cold in winter but also keeps you cool in summer. Good insulation therefore saves energy and reduces your bills.

Insulate your home with the help of enoprimes

Did you know that thanks to the enoprimes programme, you can benefit from financial aid for a project to improve the energy efficiency of your home?

These grants are available to all individuals who wish to undertake energy renovation work. This can include

  • thermal insulation of the outside wall ;
  • thermal insulation of the roof
  • thermal insulation of the lower slab
  • replacement of windows;
  • installation of controlled mechanical ventilation;
  • replacement of the heating system;
  • installation of a solar thermal system with or without additional heating.

Visit the enoprimes platform to get a simulation of the premium you could receive for your energy renovation work.

Get rid of appliances on standby

Television, sound bar, modem, microwave… All these appliances have one thing in common: they are usually not completely switched off but remain on standby. According to several studies, a four-person household spends between €60 and €80 a year on electricity for standby appliances alone! Isn’t that maddening?

Especially since these standby devices can also have another negative effect on your home in summer. Since they are not completely switched off, they consume energy and therefore give off heat. Of course, this heat is not significant, but if you multiply it by the number of appliances concerned (perhaps ten or so in your living room alone!), you get a heat output that you could have done without in a heatwave…

How to combat this phenomenon? Think about unplugging appliances that you don’t use all day, such as the microwave or games console. You can also opt for a power strip with a switch. These small gestures will allow you to reduce the temperature in your home, save money, but also extend the life of your electronic devices!

Choose the “low power” mode on your appliances

Today’s televisions, computers and monitors now have a “low power” mode. This means that they consume less energy and therefore generate less heat. Activating this mode does not really affect the brightness of the monitor at the moment, so that the screen can be seen clearly even in sunlight.

Get rid of carpets

Carpets undoubtedly add a certain charm and warmth to a home. But did you know that they easily store heat, heating up the air in your home in summer? In addition, they prevent you from enjoying the coolness of the tiles. Conclusion: put the carpets away until the temperatures drop!

By following these tips, you can enjoy the sun’s rays at home, while keeping your home cool and free of heat. The ideal formula, isn’t it?

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