nova naturstroum fund: rewards for your ecological commitment

Through the nova naturstroum fund, Enovos rewards projects or studies carried out in Luxembourg that demonstrate an ecological and sustainable approach.

Through incentives, the nova naturstroum fund supports projects or studies carried out in Luxembourg that demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

Turning to renewable energies, improving the energy efficiency of buildings, imagining technologies that serve ecology or making better use of the resources at our disposal, all contribute to more sustainable development and respond to the major challenges facing our world today. Enovos has chosen to support this commitment through the nova naturstroum fund.

What is the nova naturstroum fund?

The nova naturstroum fund was established in July 2004 as a non-profit organisation. It is managed by a committee consisting of natur&ëmwelt ASBL, energieagence S.A. and Enovos Luxembourg S.A.

In 2010, this fund was integrated into the Fondation Enovos, itself placed under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg. The ASBL nova naturstroum is thus an integral part of the philanthropic activities carried out by Enovos in Luxembourg.

What is the objective of the nova naturstroum fund?

Each year, the nova naturstroum fund is endowed with 200,000 euros. It is intended to support, through incentives, studies or investment projects carried out in Luxembourg in the field of :

  • renewable energies
  • energy efficiency
  • environmental technologies; and
  • rational use of resources.

The nova naturstroum fund promotes initiatives of an innovative, multiplier or educational nature, the idea being to encourage as many people as possible to make a commitment to the environment.

In concrete terms, this may involve, for example, the realisation of sustainable real estate projects, the implementation of energy monitoring, the installation of wood-fired central heating or the deployment of intelligent charging stations for electric vehicles.

Through this fund, Enovos aims to promote sustainable development in the country.

Did you know?

Since the launch of the nova naturstroum fund, almost 4,000 grants have been awarded, totalling over €2.7 million.

Who is the nova naturstroum fund for?

The nova naturstroum fund’s subsidies are complementary to state and municipal energy subsidies and can be awarded to individuals, companies, non-profit organisations, cooperatives, NGOs, municipalities, public institutions and schools.

What premiums are awarded by the nova naturstroum fund?

The nova naturstroum fund rewards the best projects in one of the following five award categories

  • the promotional award ;
  • the special prize ;
  • the study and sustainable concept premium; the energy monitoring premium
  • the energy monitoring premium;
  • Targeted premiums.

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How can you benefit from the nova naturstroum fund?

Would you like to submit your project?

Send your application online to, after the project in question has been completed. Your application will then be evaluated by a panel of experts who will check its eligibility and award it a grant.

Please note that to be eligible, your initiative must have been carried out on Luxembourg territory ; be completed, with an invoice to back it up.

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