Who doesn’t dream of coming home warm after a long, cold, rainy day? We’ll show you how you can save electricity with your heating!


Who doesn’t dream of coming home to a warm house after a long, cold, rainy day? In winter it’s a real nuisance, frozen fingers, red noses and… the heating bill!

As soon as the temperature drops and the first snow falls, we turn up the heat to hibernate, but the bill goes up too. And yet, heating is the one area where you can easily make energy savings. Insulation and good housekeeping… we’ll give you all our tips!

Insulation, comfort first!

Why heat your home if the heat escapes so quickly? Good insulation is the key to savings! It keeps the heat in during the winter and keeps your home cool in the summer. It provides you with greater comfort, savings and better management of energy resources.

The right things to do to keep your savings warm

1°C more is 6% more on your bill, at that price you might as well add a pair of socks…

To limit your costs you can :

  • Lower the temperature by 5°C at night
  • Do not cover your radiators with curtains so that the heat can spread throughout the room
  • Close the shutters at night to reduce heat loss
  • Use your radiators properly

Not every room heats in the same way, but you don’t think about manually turning down or turning off the radiators in each room. You can use thermostatic valves and a central smart thermostat to regulate the temperature to suit your needs. A worthwhile investment that will help you reduce your bills! Find our products on our e-shop !


They can also be responsible for heat loss, you can install tightly sealed windows to save energy and avoid throwing your money out the window!

Ventilate intelligently

Humidity is the enemy of heating, and using the kitchen or bathroom can increase this humidity and create damage… It is essential to air out and open your windows wide for 5 minutes, every 2 hours or so. And of course, turn off the heating before airing out!

You can also use centralized or decentralized ventilation devices that will recover heat and guarantee better air quality and fewer headaches.

You now have all the tools you need to save energy and money while staying warm!

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