The use of automation within the home can enable you to reduce your electricity or heating costs. For instance, the use of programmable or connected items makes it possible to monitor consumption in real time, turn devices off and on remotely or determine the best time to put on your washing machine.

Reducing your energy consumption is both an environmental and economic issue. It is therefore useful to explore all avenues for reducing your energy needs. With this in mind, you can strengthen the energy performance of your home, by insulating, for example, or opt for a more ecological heating system. Another solution is using home automation.

What is home automation?

The concept of home automation makes it possible to qualify all connected, programmable or even adaptive devices used for the home or surroundings. These contribute to your safety and comfort as well as better management of your energy consumption.

For instance, set lighting to come on automatically or program the periods during which your heating system should operate. Blinds can also be set to adjust automatically depending on the amount of natural light outside. Connected surveillance cameras can be installed, which will alert you directly in the event of an attempted intrusion. With smartphones and connected objects, it has never been easier to control all of your equipment remotely.

Save on heating with home automation

The use of home automation can play a significant role in improving your use of heating energy

Did you know?

Provided that a house is well insulated, energy savings of up to 10% of overall consumption can be made through the use of home automation.

Better understanding your energy use

First of all, the connectivity associated with your heating system allows you to better understand your energy use. You can determine when it is and isn’t operational. From there, you’ll be able to identify how to improve your energy consumption.

Programme your heating according to your habits

For instance, by programming your heating to come on at the most efficient times you can already make significant savings.

It makes no sense to heat a house when no one’s home. On the other hand, being able to turn your heating on at the right time so that it’s a pleasant temperature when you come home from work, for example, should be of interest. Depending on your routine, home automation allows you to program your heating both to save money and ensure optimal comfort.

Easily improve your heating management through the installation of a central thermostat or intelligent thermostatic valves. enosmart tado°, for example, allows you to monitor your consumption and manage your system remotely.

Adjust heating levels according to the weather

Home automation enables you to take these measures even further. In particular, heating levels can be adjusted according to outside temperature, by connecting the system to a weather station, for example. In mild temperatures, you’ll have less need for heating and be able to avoid using more energy than necessary.

Save electricity with home automation

Home automation also makes it possible to optimise the way we use lighting. The most common example being the installation of motion sensors in corridors. These only activate when they detect movement. This means we can be sure that a light won’t remain switched on unnecessarily.

Turn devices on or off remotely

Taking this one step further, home automation also gives you an overview of all active devices and insight into which items are consuming more or less energy within the home. Object connectivity also allows for objects to be turned off remotely.

Choose the best time to consume electricity

It is also easier to programme equipment to operate at certain times of the day. If you have installed photovoltaic panels, for example, it could be of interest to run your washing machine or charge your electric car while the sun is shining rather than at other times of the day.

Further your savings using artificial intelligence

Home automation makes it possible to programme equipment or activate it remotely. It also enables you to save money. Combined with artificial intelligence, you can maximise the impact of home automation on your energy use. In fact, this technology can learn from our habits and adjust the programming of heating systems or equipment accordingly.

Provided that the various elements of a home are well-integrated, intelligent systems make it possible to identify new levers for optimising energy use.


Equipping your home with programmable or connected objects can help you make valuable savings on your energy consumption. Program your heating at the right times, switch appliances on and off remotely, install lighting sensors… There are many possibilities available to you today.

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