enoprimes: a sustainable success story for the promotion of energy-efficient measures

Europe and Luxembourg have set ambitious targets in terms of energy efficiency. To achieve them, enoprimes promotes sustainable renovation measures in private households, businesses and municipalities.

enoprimes : un modèle de réussite durable pour la promotion de la rénovation énergétique

The enoprimes programme was launched in April 2015 and provides financial support for a wide range of energy renovation measures. The enoprimes programme is a sustainable success in not one, but two senses!

The concept of double savings is quite simple:

  • On the one hand, those who undertake energy-efficient work achieve permanently lower energy consumption;
  • On the other hand, the financial support provided by enoprimes also reduces the costs of the measure carried out.

enoprimes: the success story

In the last six years, enoprimes, together with partners and customers, has achieved energy savings of 1,700,000,000 kWh. This corresponds to the annual consumption of 425,000 households or 280,000 round-the-world trips by electric car.

To achieve this goal, enoprimes has already paid out almost 9 million euros in premiums. To carry out the energy-efficient renovation measures, the programme relies on the expertise of around 440 partners, most of whom are members of the Chamber of Trades.

What conditions must be met to receive a premium?

In order to benefit from the enoprimes subsidy, certain criteria must be met.

  • Energy savings must be achieved through the measure;
  • The premium must be applied for before the work begins;
  • The applicant must be the owner, financing tenant or manager of the building. This applies to private customers as well as to companies and municipalities;
  • No aid from other energy suppliers may be claimed for the same measure.

How to apply for enoprimes funding?

Are you interested in energy-saving renovation measures in your home, business or community?

Applying for an enoprimes premium is quick and easy and takes place in the following stages for private customers:

  • Request a cost estimate from one of our partners, who will also be happy to advise you free of charge and apply for your premium;
  • Sign the premium offer and estimate;
  • Have your work carried out;
  • The partner takes care of sending the documents to enoprimes;
  • Receive your premium 4 weeks after your application is approved.

For companies and municipalities, applying for an enoprimes premium is just as easy and quick and is done in the following stages:

  • Apply for a premium, directly or through one of our partners.
  • Sign the premium offer and commission the work
  • Carry out your works or have them carried out
  • Provide the information needed to complete the process, directly or through one of our partners
  • Receive the premium approximately 4 weeks after your application is approved

How much is the enoprimes premium?

The enoprimes grant can be combined with other grants. The amount of aid depends on the type and scope of the measure.

Thanks to the enoprimes simulator, you can determine the amount of the premium. In general, the higher the realised energy savings, the higher the premium.

What does the future of enoprimes look like?

Over the next 10 years, new legislation stipulates, among other things, the promotion of wood heating systems and a bonus for the replacement of oil heating systems. The targeted approach to small and medium-sized enterprises will also be intensified in the coming years.

Claude Simon, Head of Energy Sales Enovos Luxembourg S.A., looks to the future with satisfaction and optimism: “enoprimes is a sustainable success story for the whole of Luxembourg. We will continue to pursue this path consistently together with our partners and customers.”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the enoprimes team ( +352 406564-63 ).

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