What advantages does the smart meter bring you?

Discover the features and benefits of Smarty, your new smart electricity and natural gas meter in Luxembourg.

The time has come: You receive a letter from your energy supplier informing you that the smart functions of your smart meter have just been activated. What does this mean exactly? What changes does this smart meter bring?

In recent years, Luxembourgish network operators have gradually replaced old electricity and gas meters with smart meters, called Smarty. From now on, the smart functions are activated for all residential customers. What advantages do the functions offer? We explain everything in detail!

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Why have the smart functions of my Smarty now been activated?

Until now, the smart meters installed in Luxembourg have worked in the same way as your old meter. The transition period was necessary to develop other required processes – related to the grid and data management, for example – for the proper distribution of these smart meters in the country.

But now the smart functions of all meters in the country have been activated.

What are the advantages of Smarty’s intelligent functions?

By activating the smart functions of Smarty, you directly benefit from several advantages:

You no longer have to read your meter every year.

With smart meters, you no longer have to read your meter on site every year, as is still necessary today; you also no longer have to arrange an appointment in advance and you do not have to be notified of the reading afterwards. The reading is done automatically.

You can optimise and control your energy consumption

Thanks to Smarty’s display, you can get a recap of the previous day’s consumption (every quarter of an hour for electricity and every hour for natural gas), and you can check your daily consumption with a glance at your my.enovos.lu account.

This way, you can instantly detect any discrepancy, such as an inexplicable increase in energy consumption or a significant change compared to previous years.

Thanks to the display, you can also see the impact that your activities have on your consumption and adjust your habits to achieve savings.

You only pay for what you consume

With Smarty you can choose to be billed monthly based on your actual consumption. This way, you avoid annual instalments and only pay for the energy you actually use.

Of course, you always have the option to keep the monthly or bi-monthly prepayment system with a year-end billing, as was the case with your old meter. Furthermore, activating your smart meter does not change the nature nor the frequency of your bill. Only if you apply via your account on my.enovos.lu will you receive a monthly bill.

For natural gas, only the payment method based on advance payments is available. This prevents you from receiving higher bills in winter when you heat your home and lower bills in summer. Here the aim is to have consistent costs throughout the year so you can plan your budget more effectively.

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