The right insurance for your electric vehicle

Electric vehicles present specific risks. The Drive Electric insurance, from our partner Bâloise, covers them while giving you free access to an enodrive recharging card.

Une assurance adaptée à votre véhicule électrique

The number of electric vehicles on Luxembourg’s roads is constantly increasing. For users, it is important to be well aware of the particularities of this type of car and to ensure that you choose an insurance policy that covers the risks to which it may expose you.

Electric vehicles: what are the risks?

Driving a rechargeable electric vehicle exposes you first of all to the same risks as those incurred in a conventional vehicle:

  • accident ;
  • theft ;
  • glass breakage;
  • damage caused by game or extreme weather conditions;

But the electric car also has specific features. Its electric motor, powered by a battery that must be recharged regularly, exposes you to other risks:

  • theft of the charging cable, which is essential for recharging your battery;
  • electrical failure;
  • damage to the vehicle’s battery as a result of an accident or fire.

What can be done to reduce these risks?

Of course, this does not mean that driving an electric car is any more risky than driving a traditional car. On the contrary, electric cars are the latest link in a long evolution of car technology. As such, they are particularly reliable.

By driving responsibly, monitoring your battery level and installing an electric charging point at home, you should avoid many of the particular risks associated with electric cars.

Drive Electric, the right insurance for your electric car

That said, it is impossible to fully protect yourself against all the risks involved in driving a vehicle, whether electric or not. In order to be covered if, despite your precautions, you find yourself in a delicate situation at the wheel of your electric car, choosing the right insurance is undoubtedly the best possible solution.

That’s why our partner Bâloise has developed the insurance for electric cars and plug-in hybrids: Drive Electric.

Drive Electric offers 3 tailor-made packages to cover individual needs. They include guarantees specific to electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrids:

  • Breakdown assistance: Your batteries are empty on the motorway, near or far from your home? Drive Electric will send you a tow truck specially approved for electric car assistance.
  • Battery cover: An accident or fire damages your battery? Don’t worry, you’re covered by the all damage formula.
  • Cable theft: Has your charging cable been stolen or have you damaged it while driving? You are covered by the breakdown assistance and battery accessories guarantee.

So you can drive your electric car with a clear head!

A free enodrive zen card with your insurance

Our collaboration with Bâloise also allows you to drive electric when you take out Drive Electric insurance. When you take out your insurance, you will receive a free enodrive zen recharge card.

This card, offered by Enovos, is intended for regular users of electric vehicles who need to recharge them both in Luxembourg and elsewhere in Europe. With enodrive zen, you have access to 180,000 electric recharging stations throughout Europe.

This card provides you with several other advantages:

  • consult your consumption history on the enodrive zen application;
  • receive a monthly bill based on your actual consumption;
  • activate, if you wish, direct debit for the payment of your bills.

Drive Electric and enodrive zen are therefore an ideal solution for travelling around the continent in your electric car with complete peace of mind…

Your charging point made easy with diego

In addition, Drive Electric customers benefit from personalised advice from diego experts on the choice and installation of a home charging point. They will also assist you with all the administrative procedures involved in obtaining subsidies, in particular state subsidies.

Do not hesitate to visit the Bâloise website to find out more about Drive Electric and possibly to take out insurance.

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