Smart meters: an important step in the energy transition

Smart meters or intelligent meters are the basic prerequisite for more responsible energy consumption. Their installation at national level has now been completed and the activation of their smart functions is imminent. Once fully operational, smart meters represent an important step for the energy transition.

Les smart meters : une étape importante dans la transition énergétique

The installation of smart meters in buildings in Luxembourg is one of the essential steps to initiate the energy transition.

300,000 smart meters serving the energy transition in Luxembourg

In recent years, around 300,000 smart meters have been installed in Luxembourg by the various grid operators. Every household has now received its smart meter. A gigantic task with considerable benefits for users and the environment.

Indeed, smart meters are not only the beginning of a new era in energy metering, but also enable a more intelligent use of energy

Individual contribution to the energy turnaround…

The new technology in meter reading brings many advantages.

Thanks to smart meters, the energy flow can be tracked quite transparently. Every user can therefore adjust and optimise the energy flow.

On the customer portal, you have the possibility to consult bills, choose the billing method, manage personal data and also, thanks to the display of the previous day’s consumption, identify consumption peaks and make necessary adjustments.

This device enables you to save money and individually contribute to the energy transition.

…becomes global!

With smart meters, the flow of energy can also be controlled on a global level. By using smart grids and evaluating useful information, these meters namely enable the optimisation of consumption and energy production and thus also resource management.

In this sense, smart meters contribute to a sustainable energy transition. And this contribution is becoming increasingly important.

Great relief for consumers

In addition, smart meters make everyday life easier for users.

With smart meters, there is no longer any need for annual on-site readings, as is still necessary today; there is also no longer any need to arrange an appointment in advance and there is no need to communicate the reading afterwards. The reading is done automatically.

Anyone who wants to can also say goodbye to the bi-monthly advance payment and the annual statement. With Enovos and Smart Meter, every household can receive a daily, pay-as-you-go and transparent monthly bill based on actual consumption.

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