Smart meter: the intelligent key to a sustainable future in Luxembourg

Since 1 July 2016, smart meters have been introduced in the Grand Duchy.

Since 1 July 2016, smart meters have been introduced in the Grand Duchy. Although compulsory from a legislative point of view, this deployment makes sense in the context of Luxembourg’s energy transition.

What does it mean in concise terms?

Until 2020, Luxmetering, an Economic Interest Grouping formed by all Luxembourg’s network operators, will replace traditional electricity and gas meters. For its part, Creos will deploy 250,000 smart electricity meters and 50,000 smart gas meters. The network will thus be ready to face the increased demands of energy consumption in Luxembourg.

What are the benefits?

New technologies, especially in the field of decentralised production and storage as well as in terms of electro-mobility, are currently being developed in Luxembourg as well as worldwide and can easily be integrated into the smart meter network. However, you do not have to wait for these new technologies to progress before your smart meter is useful to you. In addition to preparing the network for the future, your smart meter will already allow you to better manage your consumption and thus save energy and money. The arrival of the smart meter will also mark the end of the annual reading of your meter. For your convenience, this will now be done remotely by your network operator and transmitted directly to your energy supplier.

But what exactly is a smart meter?

It is a smart meter, connected and therefore communicating, which allows you to measure precisely both your energy consumption and production (if you have a photovoltaic installation for example). Thanks to this connection, your smart meter will give your network manager the ability to monitor consumption levels and therefore better control electricity flows, thus guaranteeing an operational network at all times.

Does this apply to everyone? When will I be equipped with a smart meter?

All traditional meters in the Grand Duchy will be replaced by free smart meters and the roll-out started on 1 July 2016. Creos network customers can consult the roll-out period of the smart meter in their region on

What data does my meter communicate? And to whom?

Your smart meter will anonymously communicate your electricity consumption and production data to Luxmetering every 15 minutes, and hourly for gas. This data, encrypted by algorithms that comply with the best security standards in force, will then be transmitted on a daily basis to your energy supplier, who will ensure compliance with the purposes of the data processing prescribed by the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD). In addition to the data collected by Luxmetering, your network operator can also establish a remote communication with your smart meter to perform software updates.

Will the smart meter have an impact on my home environment?

No, smart meters do not emit radio signals. After extensive studies of comparable smart meters in France, it has been established that the electromagnetic field of the smart meter is comparable to that of a TV or a lamp and emits far fewer waves than, for example, a connected baby phone!

Your installation at a glance

Letter from your network operator 1 month before the installation of your electrical or gas smart meter.

Contact with one of your network operator’s partner installers.

On the day of the appointment, the partner installer will check the conformity of your installation and replace your old meter with a smart meter.

The installer will give you an explanation kit and ask for your signature.

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