Pay as you go : another way to pay your electricity bills

If you have a smart meter, you can now choose between two billing methods for your electricity: “classic” billing with an identical amount that you pay every two months, estimated on the basis of your consumption over the past year, and the Pay as you go solution, which allows you to pay each month directly for the electricity you have consumed, in complete transparency.


Why choose the Pay as you go option?

If you use “classic” billing, you receive your electricity bill every two months, with a fixed amount based on your annual payment plan. These amounts are advance payments based on an estimate of your annual consumption. At the end of the year, your actual consumption is collected and a bill is sent to you; if you have consumed more than expected, you will have to pay the amount due, and if you have consumed less, you will be refunded.

With the Pay as you go option, you’re done with that. Forget about the stress of waiting for the adjustment bill and his amount. Each month you will only pay for the electricity you have consumed and the related costs, which also gives you the opportunity to monitor your consumption more closely. Please note that to activate Pay as you go, you must have a SEPA direct debit.

Enovos’ tip: with Pay as you go, you pay each month for the electricity you have consumed, so why not try to reduce these bills? Set yourself an amount you don’t want to exceed each month, and take simple steps to achieve this. To track your consumption, visit portal.

You should also know that with this billing method, state aids are applied directly and automatically. So, are you convinced?

Good to know

By opting for this method of invoicing, you are also doing a gesture for the planet, as this is part of a paperless approach: invoices are sent only electronically.

How is my monthly consumption measured?

Smart meters, which were installed in 2016, allow you to better manage and thus reduce your electricity consumption. They are connected and therefore communicating, which allows them to measure your energy consumption accurately and transmit this information to the grid manager. This data is sent back to us, so we can then offer you to pay only for the electricity consumed.

How do I switch to Pay as you go billing?

Nothing could be easier. Just go to the customer portal  and select Pay as you go under “Billing type”.

If you wish, you can switch back to “classic” billing at any time.

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