Moving: What do I have to do to get connected to the electricity and gas grid?

Are you moving to Luxembourg? Find out what you need to do to be connected to the electricity and/or gas network in your new home.

Are you moving to Luxembourg? You already live in Luxembourg but will be changing your residence in the near future? When you move into a new house or flat, many things have to be taken care of, also in terms of the energy supplier.

Electricity and gas connection when moving in

Unlike in France and Belgium, for example, your home is already connected to the electricity and gas network when you move to Luxembourg. This is provided by a basic supplier, which is determined by the Luxembourg regulatory authority (ILR).

This procedure is practical because you will have electricity and gas in your house or flat as soon as you arrive. This saves you further administrative steps when you move. After all, you have enough to do as it is.

Gas and electricity supply yes, but temporary and expensive

However, this electricity or gas connection from the basic supplier also has two major disadvantages.

First, it is only a temporary solution: it is only valid for the first six months after you move in. After this period, you are obliged to sign a contract with a supplier of your choice. Otherwise, you will no longer be supplied with energy and will have to bear the costs associated with this disconnection.

Secondly, this basic supply is much more expensive (over 10% more expensive) than a contract tariff. From the third month of supply onwards, there are also monthly costs of €10, the so-called “costs for time spent”.

Choose a supplier quickly after your move

For these reasons, we recommend that you contact the energy supplier of your choice as soon as possible and sign a new contract.

 Trust Enovos as your electricity and gas supplier:

  • You can be sure that you will find a tariff that suits your needs;
  • You will get a cheaper contract than with the basic supplier;
  • You avoid unnecessary costs associated with the basic supplier;
  • Your electricity is 100% green and your gas is carbon neutral.
Did you know?

Electricity and gas from the basic supplier are always more expensive when you move house/move in than if you sign a contract with a supplier of your choice?

How do you choose an energy supplier in Luxembourg?

We summarise four scenarios for you:

  • You are moving to Luxembourg for the first time

You have emigrated or you are leaving your parents’ house and moving into your first home of your own. To stop being supplied by a basic supplier and sign a contract with Enovos, all you have to do is fill in the “Become a customer” form on the website. You can also contact Enovos by phone at 8006-6000 or by email at
Enovos will then take care of all the necessary steps, the basic supply will end automatically and the supply by Enovos will begin. This change takes between 2 and 8 days. When you switch your basic supplier to Enovos, there will be no loss of electricity or gas.

  • You live in Luxembourg, want to move and are already an Enovos customer

You are already an Enovos customer and you are moving. In this case, please provide Enovos with your new address, either in your customer area on, by phone at 8006-6000 or by email at
Please indicate your old address and the desired end date of delivery, and your new address and the desired start date of delivery.
Since the installation of smart meters, the date of the meter reading at the time of the move is decisive. This information is passed on by the respective network operator.

  • You are moving and would like to become an Enovos customer.

You live in Luxembourg but will be moving soon and would like to take this opportunity to change your energy supplier. You need to terminate your contract with your current supplier and then sign a new contract with Enovos. To do this, fill out the “Become a customer” form or contact Enovos by phone at 8006-6000 or by email at

  • You want to cancel your contract with Enovos after a move

Are you moving abroad or within Luxembourg and would like to cancel your contract with Enovos? Fill in the form to terminate your natural gas supply contract or the form to terminate your electricity supply contract, depending on the circumstances. Then send it by post to the following address:

Enovos Luxembourg S.A.
L-2089 Luxembourg

Both parties – the former resident as well as the new resident – must complete and sign this form so that the succession of the energy supply can be documented.

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