Are you concerned about the environment? How about switching to greener, cleaner mobility? The electric car has more than one advantage under the bonnet!


The car festival is just around the corner. A good opportunity to take a look at the big car trends. For you personally, it might be the opportunity to think about a new car. What if your dream car was an electric car?

Electric cars on the rise

The market for electric cars has developed considerably in Luxembourg in recent years, thanks in particular to subsidies from the state for the purchase of such a vehicle and the installation of charging stations throughout the country. Manufacturers are also offering more and more electric models.

Good to know

Between 2015 and 2020, the number of electric cars in the country quadrupled!

Why should you choose an electric car?

An electric car has many advantages.


Since it does not use fossil fuels, the electric car does not emit carbon dioxide (CO2). It is environmentally friendly and therefore contributes to a more sustainable future.


The electric car makes no noise. It therefore improves the quality of life in urban areas. It is also very pleasant and comfortable to drive.


The price of an electric car depends on the model chosen, but it is higher than the price of a car with an internal combustion engine. However, the price of recharging is much lower than a tank of petrol or diesel.

In addition, the maintenance costs for an electric car are lower than for a car with an internal combustion engine (less brake wear, no engine oil change, etc.). So the electric car is more economical in the long run.

Did you know?

You can benefit from sustainable mobility tax breaks of up to €8,000 when you buy an electric car.

As it has zero CO2 emissions, the electric vehicle is also the least taxed as a benefit in kind.

Electric cars for every taste

Limo, city car, convertible or SUV: the choice of electric cars is now very diverse. Around 140 different models are currently on the Luxembourg market. This number is expected to increase further in the coming years.

Electric vehicles are currently at the cutting edge of design, performance and comfort. You are guaranteed to find the right electric car for your needs, your wishes and your budget.

Is the range of the electric car no longer a problem?

Even though there have been many innovations in recent years, the range is still a problem. Depending on the electric car model, the range in practice varies between 100 and 500 kilometres for the most efficient vehicles. Unfortunately, this is still less than the range of an equivalent vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

So the electric car is not (yet) suitable for all drivers. It is more recommended for people

  • who drive mainly in urban areas;
  • who drive short distances every day.

However, Luxembourg now has 800 public charging stations. In addition, more and more employers are choosing to install stations on their premises. And you can easily charge your electric car at home.

The charging options are numerous and in the end, you even save time by not having to drive to a petrol station!

Are you ready for an electric car?

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