enodrive zen: Drive an electric vehicle with peace of mind

Don’t be afraid of running out of battery power. Recharge your electric vehicle easily anywhere in Europe with enodrive zen!


Don’t be afraid of running out of battery power. With enodrive zen, recharge your electric vehicle easily anywhere in Europe!

Do you own an electric car or are you thinking of buying one? The enodrive zen service provides you with a mobile application and a map that allows you to recharge your electric vehicle in all circumstances. So you never have to worry about running out of fuel again!

Recharge your electric vehicle, anywhere, anytime

Are you going on a city trip to Paris? Do you have to go to Munich for work? Want to go shopping in Maastricht?

The enodrive zen mobile application lists more than 180,000 charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles in Luxembourg and throughout Europe. You can take advantage of the entire national network of Chargy & Chargy OK public charging stations, as well as an entire e-Roaming network throughout Europe.

Good to know

enodrive zen is available for free on iOS and Android .

Save time and be relaxed

enodrive zen works in conjunction with the guidance applications on your smartphone such as Google Maps or Waze.

The application allows you to :

easily locate and reach the stations on your route;
view their availability and the price of charging;
on certain stations, activate and stop the charging of your vehicle remotely;
pay for charging directly from your smartphone.

Practical and simple, isn’t it?

Did you know?

Not all charging stations are the same. Their power, and therefore the charging time for your electric vehicle, can vary. Nor do they all have the same type of connector and therefore cannot always be adapted to your car. enodrive zen also provides you with this information so that you can choose the station best suited to your needs and avoid unpleasant surprises.

A super zen formula for recharging your electric vehicle

enodrive zen also offers an RFID card for recharging your electric vehicle at terminals that may not offer activation via the app. Charged at €12 when activated, this card guarantees you maximum use of the national and European network.

After that, you will be billed monthly and will only be charged for your consumption. You only pay for the top-ups you make. In Luxembourg, recharging your electric vehicle costs €0.26/kWh. Abroad, the price varies according to the charging station operator and is communicated to you in the enodrive zen application.

The bill is sent to you by e-mail and the amount is debited directly from your credit card or your account via SEPA direct debit. You can also check your balance at any time on the application.

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