Be at peace of mind during your travels by electric car

Go on stress-free holidays with your electric car and enodrive zen!


Holidays are fast approaching. With enodrive zen, you can set off with your electric vehicle in complete peace of mind. Find out why here.

The suitcases are packed, the car is loaded, the front door is locked … Now it’s time: you’re going on holiday!

You are ready to tackle the kilometres to your long-awaited destination. Only one thought worries you: What happens if the battery runs out of juice along the way? Don’t worry about that. With enodrive zen you can go on holiday without a worry in sight.

enodrive zen consists of an app and an RFID card. With these two components, you can easily charge your electric vehicle anywhere in Europe.

How do you find a charging station to charge your electric vehicle abroad?

In Luxembourg, you already have your habits. You charge your electric vehicle at home, at work or at charging stations you know. In a foreign country, it can be more difficult to find charging stations for your electric vehicle on the road.

Install the enodrive zen app on your Android or iOS smartphone for free so you don’t have to drive around unnecessarily and can use your electric vehicle to travel long distances.

With a directory of over 180,000 charging stations across Europe, the enodrive zen app allows you to find the nearest charging stations and check their availability in real time, no matter which country you are in.

Since enodrive zen works with your smartphone’s navigation apps (Google Maps or Waze), you will be guided directly to the charging station of your choice.

Then, when you arrive at your destination, you can register your favourite charging station in the app.

How do you know if the charging station is suitable for your vehicle?

Not every electric or hybrid vehicle can be charged at every station. For this reason the enodrive zen app provides you with information about each charging station. You can view the suitability for your vehicle as well as the power capacity of the station and thus also the charging time for your electric vehicle.

 What does it cost to charge electric vehicles abroad?

Abroad, the price of charging your electric vehicle varies depending on the operator of the charging station. The price of each charging station is displayed in the enodrive zen app as well, so you already know how much charging will cost before you connect your vehicle.

 How do you charge your electric vehicle while travelling?

Once you have found the charging station, you can charge your vehicle at the chargepoint of the enodrive zen network thanks to an RFID card.

The card costs €12 excluding taxes when activated and can be ordered before your departure at

How do you pay for charging your electric vehicle?

You don’t have to pay anything while you are travelling. Billing is monthly and is automatically debited from your credit card or account.

You can check your consumption at any time in the enodrive zen app.

What can you do if, despite everything, you have a breakdown with your electric vehicle abroad?

For assistance throughout Europe, you can become a member of the Automobile Club Luxembourg. This membership card offers you all-round support on your journeys in the Grand Duchy and in Europe, regardless of the vehicle you use. Are you e-mobile? Depending on where you are, your roadside assistance provider, ACL, will either charge your vehicle immediately using a mobile charging station or tow you to the nearest charging station. Before you start your journey, we recommend that you install the free ACL app. In case of problems on your way to your destination, you can contact the ACL Assistance Centre at any time and from anywhere, thanks to the eCall mobile button. With the app, your location can be quickly identified and you will be assisted quicker so that you can continue your journey …. By the way, the enodrive zen card is free for ACL members. So, what are you waiting for? 😉

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