The basic energy supply in Luxembourg is a practical temporary solution when moving house, but nothing more! Find out why here.

L’approvisionnement en énergie par défaut

In Luxembourg, every person who moves into a new home or business premises is supplied with electricity or natural gas by a basic supplier.

This is very convenient, because you are supplied with electricity/gas from the first day you move in and can move without having to worry about signing a contract with an energy supplier.

But the basic energy supply is quite expensive and, above all, limited in time.

Basic energy supply is an expensive transitional solution

The basic energy supply in Luxembourg ends no later than six months after you move in. After this period, every consumer must sign a contract with an energy supplier.

Automatic energy supply is also much more expensive than a standard contract. The price differences between the basic supplier and an offer you choose yourself can be considerable. In addition, there are costs, so-called “time charges”, amounting to 10€ per month, which are incurred additionally from the third month of supply. These costs alone are a sufficient argument to terminate the basic energy supply.

Terminating the basic energy supply has numerous advantages

In order to be able to take advantage of a more favourable offer and not find yourself without electricity or gas one morning, you must conclude a new contract as soon as possible.

In addition to purely financial and practical reasons, switching to a sustainable solution before your basic energy supply expires also allows you to sign a contract that suits your needs. Choosing your energy supplier yourself also allows you to take other important factors into account, such as product quality and additional services offered.

Switching suppliers is simple, automatic and free of charge

Switching energy supplier is very easy.

On, you will be shown various electricity and natural gas offers. You will very quickly find an offer that meets your expectations and your environmental commitment. Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is sign the contract and you will be supplied with electricity and gas under the best conditions.

Switching your basic supplier to a supplier of your choice is automatic, free of charge and without interruption of supply. So there is no reason to wait!

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