The Parc Merveilleux in Bettembourg: more than just an amusement park

Enovos and the Parc Merveilleux are becoming partners.

The Parc de Bettembourg is and remains an institution in Luxembourg. It enchants the little ones and allows the adults to remember their own childhood. Many animals as well as fairy tale houses, playgrounds and many adventures await the visitors. But the Parc Merveilleux is more than just an amusement park. Under the management of the APEMH, many disabled people work here on a daily basis.

A theme park that deserves recognition and that will be supported by Enovos as of this season. We celebrated the start of the partnership with an Easter egg hunt for children, naturally in the park itself. From this season, there will also be a swing for wheelchair users in the Beetebuerger Park. Enovos is pleased to be able to support this long-awaited new attraction.

Dive into your nostalgic memories and visit the Park Merveilleux with your children

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